Add notes, tasks, and documents to deals?

To add notes, tasks, and documents to a deal, open it and use central commands in the middle of the screen:

Notes can be manually added or generated automatically when using automation, sending emails, SMS, recording video conference, using eSignatures. They can contain attachments and represent chronologically recorded events since deal was created.
Tasks are assigned activities to different users that need to be completed in order deal to progress. They contain task title, due date and task details (sub-tasks, repeat options, comments etc.).
Documents there is several ways to add them: upload them, create them from merge templates (print out data in Salestrekker to docx files) or request documents to be uploaded by client (using Client Portal).


To track updates and for additional options use 4 available tabs under central commands:

All - contains all events that occur with a deal in chronological order
Notes - contains list of notes that were added to a deal and on the right hand side set of actions icons that you can perform on them (mark as important, edit, share on client and partner portal, add labels etc.)
Tasks - List of all upcoming and completed tasks linked to particular deal.
Documents tab is library of all documents and media linked to this deal. In addition to containing documents, you can see Required Document checklist and perform files action on uploaded ones. Documents tab is also place where you can initiate eSignature process.

How to open and use Client Profile/Broker tools?

Client profile is built in fact find where you would write all necessary details about borrowers and that would be used throughout system. To open it, click on "Client profile" in top right part and new screen with all fields will be opened where you can input data.

If you are Mortgage Broker and you have written in your accreditations, you will have Broker tools option available. In addition to Client Profile you will have additional options to write your loans:

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