Salestrekker has a built in video conferencing functionality.  Video conference can be run with clients, partners, users and other contacts.

To run a video conference, all participants only need a Chrome browser on a desk top/laptop PC or Mac. 

Before you start using Video Conferencing, test your system using this link.

To commence a conference, go to a deal and click on 'Video Conference' button. Then select parties to participate and click on 'Invite' button.  Once parties are invited, they will receive an email with a call to join the conference.

To start the video feed, click on 'Start Video Conference' button.

Once in the main video conference screen, users can share screen, record conference, send conference link to other parties and end the conference.

note: Make sure that you and users click on the lock icon (1) and select allow for flash, microphone and video.

Please note that once-off Chrome plugin installation needs to be performed to be able to share screen with other parties.

To stop camera or microphone, simply click on camera/microphone icons on the main screen.

Screen sharing works the best when two monitors are used - main and secondary.  Then, main screen can be shared and user can view video conferencing screen on their secondary monitor.

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