You can save clients reply emails and responses by forwarding complete thread with them from your email client and using email to notes code found in Salestrekker for each deal.

  1. Open deal you want to add clients replies to as new note.

2. Press on "Copy to clipboard" under E-MAIL TO NOTES among deal summary information. That will load deal address so you can paste it in email as recipient.

3. Open email message you received, choose "Forward" option and paste address you copied to clipboard as recipient. It should look like this. 

Now, when you refresh deal in Salestrekker, clients response will be saved as a new note.

E-mail to notes (bcc) code not working?

Most common reasons:

  • You are not assigned to a workflow where deal is

This happens when you try to save email note to a deal which is in a workflow you are not assigned to. For example: you have bcc code to forward email to a deal, but deal is found on a workflow that you are not added to - note will not get posted. This is security measure to ensure only selected users can add details to a deal.
Solution: contact your admin staff and request they assign you to a workflow deal is at (Settings > Workflows).

  • You tried sending email from address that is not listed as user in Salestrekker

This happens when you try to save email note to a deal from other email address (either business or private) than one you use for logging into Salestrekker. For example:  primary address that you use to login is but you also use emails: and private one If second two are not added to Salestrekker as users, email to notes won't work. This is also security feature preventing spam and unwanted sources to post deal notes.

Solution: forward messages to login email and use email to notes code from that address.

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