When you are the owner of Salestrekker organization you will be able to see and use “Billing details” in your Settings. 

When you trial is over you will login to this page, where you can check and pick plan options and choose users you want to add or delete that will apply for chosen plan. Above plans you have switch where you can choose to be billed annually or monthly.

After choosing plan, you will get screen where you can see all charges based on options you choose. Then click on "Subscribe" button and insert your payment method. After that your organisation will be set. You can always refer to Plan and billing details page page to check options that are available to you and also to buy credits for additional expenditure.

You can make changes to your selected plan, preferred payment method and other options at any moment by clicking on Actions button in top right corner.

Please note there are additional costs for these features that are going to be billed on top of your subscription, regardless of a plan:

Partner portal: $4.99 per partner a month
Phone line: $29.99 per rented phone line per month (no minutes limitation)
SMS package credits: $49.99 for 1000 SMS
eSignatures credits: $49.99 for 100 documents signed

Also, when selecting Mortgage Broker plan you will get two invoices - one for your Loan Processing users with $59.99 per user and second for users that have Mortgage Broker switched on - $70 per user. So by default all of your user will be considered to be on Loan processing subscription and for the ones that have Mortgage Brokers on, you will pay additional $70 on top of the base subscription of $59.99, thus equaling $129.99 per MB subscription.  

To learn more about payment and additional options, see these articles.

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