Salestrekker offers a one-way Slack integration. Create a Slack channel for your updates and reminders.

Slack is a business messaging service designated for internal team communication and to receive automated updates from various systems.  It is excellent for collaboration within teams as it allows messaging into group public or private channels.

Organisations typically use Slack to reduce their reliance on internal emails.

Integration Steps

  1. Create a dedicated Slack channel for your Salestrekker Updates and Reminders.

  2. Link Your Slack Channel with your Salestrekker account

  3. Set up what updates and reminders you want to receive via Slack

Create Slack Channel

Go to your Slack app and add a Private Channel.  Once you add channel, you can set up how you want to be alerted.

Link Slack and Salestrekker

Go to Settings > 3rd party applications and Switch on Slack button under the '3rd party application' paragraph.  Then select your Slack organisation (if you have more than one and select the channel.  The last step is to Authorise this link.

Set up updates and reminders

Go to Settings > My updates and reminders.  Once Slack is integrated, you can set up which notifications you wish to get via Slack.  We recommend to reduce number of email and SMS updates and to use Slack instead.

Once notifications are received, they will appear as follows in your Slack channel:

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