To use phone click on "Connect" button in main menu. In order to have Phone option in connect center (to have phone icon available) you need to first rent a phone number in Settings and assign users to it.

How to rent numbers and assign users to them?

To rent a number to your Salestrekker organization go to Settings > Connect. Press “+RENT NEW PHONE” button in the top right corner. Choose the country in which you want to rent number. Choose phone type and preferred starting number - decides Geo-location - if you have one.

Phone Type can be :
1) Fixed - for a landline with the area code (example NSW 02);
2) Mobile numbers that are regular mobile phone numbers;
3) Toll-free are 1300 numbers.

Then hit the “Search” button in the bottom left corner. A list of available phone numbers will appear in the table below.  Pick the number (or numbers, if you want to rent multiple) and press “Rent phone” button to complete renting action.

The new number/numbers will be shown on the screen with its details: type, date rented, sms charge, phone call charge, etc. To assign users to use the number, click on it and a pop-up window will appear. Write names of users you want to use this phone number and press “Save” for changes to apply.

* Note: The SMS option for rented phones is no longer available. If the main contact phone added to the user account setting and organization settings is a mobile - they will be available for sending SMS via Connect.

How to remove/unrent phone numbers from your organization?

In Settings - Connect, you have a checkbox left to every phone you have rented. Check the number/numbers you want to unrent so checkbox has a green icon. When selection is complete, click on the blue “Actions” button (left of the +RENT NEW PHONE). Dropdown menu will appear and you click on the “Unrent” option. Changes will be automatically saved.

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