To use phone click on "Connect" button in main menu. In order to have Phone option in connect center (to have phone icon available) you need to first rent a phone number in Settings and assign users to it.

How to rent numbers and assign users to them?

To rent number to your Salestrekker organization go to Settings > Connect. Press “+RENT NEW PHONE” button in top right corner. Choose the country in which you want to rent number. Choose phone type and preferred starting number - decides Geo-location - if you have one. Then hit “Search” button in bottom left corner. A list of available phone numbers will appear in a table below.  Pick the number (or numbers, if you want to rent multiple) and press “Rent phone” button to complete renting action.

The new number/numbers will be shown on the screen with its details: type, date rented, sms charge, phone call charge etc. To assign users to use the number, click on it and pop-up window will appear. Write names of users you want to use this phone number and press “Save” for changes to apply.

How to remove/unrent phone number from your organization?

In Settings - Connect, you have a checkbox left to every phone you have rented. Check the number/numbers you want to unrent so checkbox have green icon. When selection is complete, click on the blue “Actions” button (left of the +RENT NEW PHONE). Dropdown menu will appear and you click on “Unrent” option. Changes will be automatically saved.

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