First, to use phone in Salestrekker you must rent and assign yourself or other users to it. When you’re finished with that you will see phone icon on your chat which means you can use phone feature now.

Open "Connect" in main navigation menu and open phone option. At the top of central part you can select your Call script. In bottom part of chat window you will see “Destination number” field and right to it the dial pad icon. You can write numbers directly in “Destination number” field or when you click on dial pad icon you will get dial pad where you can insert numbers. Numbers should contain country prefix, no 0 between it and number and should be formatted without separations and without any special keys (for example "+"), like: 61488021756. 

You can write numbers in contacts as you wish, they will be correctly inserted in phone when you choose option "Call/Send SMS to Client". To start call press green button.

In call you will have options to mute your microphone, to record call and to end it. During call you can also take notes in white field of the chat window. When you finish with the call you can save recordings and Notes to a deal.

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