Sending email and SMS marketing campaigns

To send marketing campaigns go to Contacts. Select contacts you want to include in campaign (you can use filters for segmentation) and go to “MARKETING” button. 

Sending E-Mail campaigns - a popup window will open where you can add cover image, insert subject and write content. When ready, press the “Preview” to see how the campaign will look like and also if anything needs correcting. If all is ready press the "Send" button.

Sending SMS campaigns - insert the message text in the popup window, choose the sender and/or template and press “Send”.

You can make templates and load them when sending campaign. To setup templates go to Settings > Marketing > Templates> +ADD NEW. Then you can choose notification type (email/SMS), fill in details and enter message content. 

For further details you can check video below (please note that User interface has been upgraded since recording, but practice still stays the same):

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