You can configure email message to be sent to client on their birthday. In order to do so first you need to do these steps:

  1. Enter contacts Date of Birth
  2. Configure Birthday card template in Settings > Marketing, select templates tab
  3. Enable Birthday automation and assign template in Settings > Marketing, select automation tab

Adding contacts Date of Birth

Find contact you want to add DOB to, open edit contact and fill in needed information (this can be done either by clicking on contact's name in deal sidebar or by finding person in Contacts, opening his profile and pressing "Edit Contact" in top right).

Configure Birthday marketing notification template

To configure email message that will be sent go to Settings > Marketing, select templates tab  > +ADD NEW. Choose "Marketing E-mail" as template type, fill in desired details, upload cover image and use custom fields to personalize birthday card.

Enabling birthday automation and assigning template

Finally, to set everything to work go to Settings > Marketing. Select automation tab and add marketing automation on the top right corner, as shown, or edit the existing one. Fill in the required fields and set options accordingly. Choose template that will be used from dropdown menu (all of your marketing E-mail templates will be presented).

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