When you enter Video Conference for the first time you will be prompted by web browser to allow access for you webcam and microphone. You can set your preferences there - which to allow/disallow and which device to use. You can go back to those settings at any time.

Once you are in Video Conference you will have options to switch on/off your microphone and camera or select the one you want to use for the conference.

You can do this by opening the kebab or three dots menu in the bottom right of the page and then opening the Settings.

Under the "Devices" tab, select your camera, microphone and audio output.

Confirm and save with "OK" button.

For low internet connections it is wise to turn off camera as it will improve video call quality.

If you still can't see / hear your participants, look in the "More" tab in Settings to see if you may have below marked options selected.

How many participants can you I add to Video Conference? 

You can add up to 25 participants to single video conference and they don’t have to be associated directly with a deal (being clients or users). You can Copy invitation link to clipboard and send it as you please. Anyone with the link will be able to join your conference. 

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