How to make merge document template? 

Go to Settings >> Document Templates. In top right corner click on the black button “SHOW MERGE FIELDS” . There you will find all value fields you can use to create your templates, which will be filled with data from every particular deal later.

Then open your external text processor program (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Openoffice Word…), insert your existing document template (or create a new one) and insert merge fields in correct spots - copy from merge field list and paste in your document file. Save new file as “.docx” file. NOTE: It is really important to export it as “.docx” because that file extension allows values to be inserted. When all changes are saved you can close your external text processing software.

NOTE: All text formatting you apply in your “.docx” file will apply in later document. Red font used in example below is just to highlight how document should look like after pasting merge fields. You should apply formatting congruent with rest of the document.

Return to Salestrekker and go to Setting >> Document Templates> > Add new. Upload docx template you’ve created. Click on "Save" and when upload is done it will be shown in a list of available templates. After that you can use it on every deal.

Once uploaded you can add labels to templates as compliance or automation tags. Find out more.

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