Open deal and go Documents tab to see all available documents for signing. If there isn’t any there you can upload them or generate them as merged documents from the “create document(s)” tab.

In right part of the window you will have options to share file on client portal, download them and sign them. Click on sign icon. Popup window will open prompting you to fill basic details of your signature. Press “REQUEST” 

A new popup window will appear where you can set up how document will be signed and what data should be inserted by both parties. Insert fields for signature, initials, custom text-box, checklist and sign date that should be filled and assign which party is obliged to do it.
Pick an option you want to use and then just click on part of document where you want to use it. When you complete that press “CONTINUE” button in top right corner of the window.

An email will be sent both to you and your client with invite links to open new page and sign the document. When in new window, both sides will be guided to fill and sign all missing fields. To start, simply press “GET STARTED” button in top right corner and you will be navigated to each box that needs your attention. Press “NEXT REQ*>” button to go to next field. In top left corner it will be shown how much more fields you need to fill.  You can also just scroll down the document and click on fields you want to fill.

When entering signature or initials you will have couple of options to complete the task. You can:

Draw it in - use your mouse (or touch-pad/touchscreen) to draw your signature.

Type it in -
type your name or initials and it will be converted in drawing like fonts that you can choose to represent your signature.

Upload image - upload an image of your handwritten signature that will be placed in the document as such.

Use smartphone - if you are not satisfied with looks of your uploaded signature you can use your smartphone to create a better one. Follow simple procedure written in “Use smartphone” section and you signature will be added where needed. 

After completing all required fields and signatures, press on “I AGREE” blue button on the top right. Your signing of the document is then completed. You will receive notification when document is signed by each side and a complete pdf file when it’s signed by all sides. Also, every update will be saved as notes in deal detail automatically so complete flow will be saved. In Salestrekker, in Documents tab of the deal a new signed document will be automatically added.

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