When setting up automatic new deal / lead creation in Salestrekker you need to generate web form code. Go to Settings > Web Forms. Choose workflow and stage you want new deal ticket / lead to be created. Web form code will automatically generate in the field below. Copy it and then place on your website.

When a client fills form where you’ve inserted the code, information will be instantly stored to Salestrekker and new deal ticket / lead will be created in selected workflow and stage.

Advanced settings for automatic new deal /lead creation (add automated response, send reminder to yourself etc.)

When web form is set and new deal is showing, you can add automatic response by creating external notification template and adding it in workflow settings as automatic response when deal is created in that stage. Make sure that your organization has enabled SMS usage if you’re planning on sending SMS to clients. Also, you should check your reminders settings to make sure that you will receive notification that new deal is created.

NOTE: You can automate responses to leads submitted by Partners (through Partner Portal) the same way. In that case new ticket source wouldn't be Webform but partner.

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