Apart from document scan and upload, users can request clients to automatically upload up to six months of bank statements using bankstatements.com.au integration with Salestrekker.

To get bankstatements.com.au account, simply log in to their site and request an account.  Alternatively, click on the link in Settings > My Account/My personalisation (1).  You will be issued with a 4 letter code.

Switch on bank statement integration (2) and enter code in the dialog (3)

When in video conference, once the client joins, all document collection options will appear in the left hand sidebar. Click on 'Request Bank Statements' (4).

Clients will receive a dialog with Bank Statement window in it (5) and once they complete the steps, all PDFs will be saved in the File section of client's deal.

Just like Salestrekker, Bank Statements offer enhanced security features, which you can read here.

Clients can also use Client Portal in order to request statements from banks, and upload to deal. Instructions can be found here.

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