To initiate new password change for Partner go to this address "". IMPORTANT NOTE: access for Partner Portal is different than for other users - so if you use this address: "", password reset won't work.

Once you are on "" click on "Forgot password?" text. Enter and confirm your email address that has been added in Partner Portal Settings. (Check with your organisation admin prior if not sure).

You will receive confirmation email that you want to initiate password change. To proceed, click on "RESET YOUR SALESTREKKER PASSWORD" button:

You will be briefly guided to Partner Portal login page where message will say "Check your E-Mail for password reset instructions".

You will receive new Email with new temporary password that you can use to login at ""

How to change temporary password once logged in?

Once you are logged in go to top right corner click on your picture or initials, choose Settings and go to "My password and security". Paste temporary password in "Current password" field and bellow type and confirm new password you want to use for login.

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