User with admin permissions can import data using a CSV file.

Firstly prepare the file, making sure data integrity is fine for all fields. This is typically the longest part of the job. For example, phone number needs a prefix in front of the number. Eg. for Australian numbers, number should look like '610499999999' or '61499999999'. If your phone numbers don't have a prefix, create a new column with a prefix entered and then merge two numbers into a new column using &""& function in excel.

Similarly, deal owner name and stage name need to be exactly as in Salestrekker. The easiest thing is to copy and paste from Salestrekker. 

Make sure that column headers contain appropriate description of the column contents.

An example of prepared file:

Then go to Settings > Integrations/Data import (1) and select a workflow (2) in which you want data imported (deals will be imported in individual workflow, so multiple workflows will require multiple imports). Then click to select file that you want to import (3).

Once CSV is uploaded, click on Choose Field (4) and search for an appropriate filed in Salestrekker to match the CSV column heading name (

Once all fields are matched, preview and finish import. Go to the workflow and check the deal to see if the data is imported correctly.

Note that tasks and comments cannot be imported at this stage.

Imported data can only be reverted 48 hours after the import is completed.

Check out video tutorial for detailed demo of data import functionality.

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