Duplicate deal

In Salestrekker there is option to duplicate existing deal and all fact find information stored inside. To use this option:

  1. open deal you want to duplicate

  2. press green pen icon in top right

  3. scroll down the drop down menu until you see option "Duplicate deal"

  4. click to start

  5. select the Workflow, Stage and Deal Owner for the copied deal

  6. confirm with "Save" button

You can then customize the duplicated deal further and create a separate deal with the same contact(s). This is the most effective way to use existing client profile information for new application. 

NOTE: Duplicated deal will have all the information from Client profile (income, assets, liabilities..), and broker tools section will remain empty so you can choose different lender/product for new deal.

Duplicate deal and home loan tools

If you would like to duplicate your deal with broker tools, choose "Duplicate deal and home loan tools" option.

This will create a copy that contains the whole Client Profile and Broker Tool details from original deal.

This option will also copy any files you've uploaded to the original deal.

NOTE: Documents that were created either manually or via automatization, emails, notes and tasks are not duplicated.

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