Security can be (but doesn't have to be) added at the same time deal is created. This information will then carry to the Security Details tab.

Security can be new (purchase) or existing (refinance, equity release or top-up). If no property is added in assets, only "add new" security button is visible. 

Once, there is a real-estate asset in Client Profile (Fact Find), 'Add Existing Security' button can be seen as per this screen shot:

In case of a purchase, security fields are already in place. For a refinance, use '+ADD EXISTING SECURITY' button and choose the security address from the available drop-down.  

Adding pre-approval address

For pre-approval, you can enter TBA in the first field, and make sure that all of the other mandatory fields (street number, unit number, street address..) are filled so you can proceed further. 

The next section is Contact for Valuation. This carries to the lender gateway, so it is important to be filled in prior to lodgement.

Title details are also required for the lender gateway.

If the loan purpose is refinance, then the current loan being refinanced will be visible in the final section of this Tab:

Please note that changes to this information can only be made in the Liability tab in Client Profile.

All information in this tab saves automatically in real time.

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