Once the templates are saved in Salestrekker (see instructions here), they can be produced for every deal.

Templates will insert values, tables and charts instead of merge fields.

1. Complete all required compliance fields in the Broker Tools. 

Document merging is dependent on the Compliance Comments and Documents tab items being completed in full (those with red marking).

Also, without compliance documents being produced in full, user cannot proceed to the lender gateway.

Broker comments Table

Broker disclosure/Conflict of Interest/Product Suitability Fields

2. Produce Documents

Once all the required fields are completed in the 'Compliance' tab in Broker tools,  click on the 'Create Documents' button and then select documents you wish to produce. You may select more than one document to print simultaneously.

Once selected, click anywhere on the merge dialog to close doc selection drop-down and click on 'Create' button.

3. Use Documents

Produced documents are in Deal view in the Documents tab. They can be downloaded or synced with Dropbox.

Check out the video from 1:05 for the compliance doc printing process:

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