In Settings > Plan and billing options you will se number of your current billable users, number of partners and rented phone lines. Please note this information is only visible to organization owner.

These charges will occur each month. Users are being billed as part of main subscription based on chosen plan. Partners ($4,99 per partner a month) and rented Phones ($29,99) are being billed as additional cost separately.

To check number of billable Users, go to Settings > Users and there you will see how many users do you have and which options are switched on for them:

You can remove users by marking checkbox in front of them, pressing Actions button in top right and choosing option Delete.

To check and change number of Partners in your organization, go to Settings > Partner Portal. You can remove Partners by marking checkbox in front of their name and then going to Actions > Delete.

To check and control number of rented phones go to Settings > Connect. There you will see a list of all rented phones. To un-rent, please follow these simple steps.

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