If you add your logo to Salestrekker, it will appear in header of the e-mails sent from application (invitation to Client Portal, external notifications etc.)

For adjusting your logo so it can be used for branding, we suggest this free online tool: https://www199.lunapic.com/editor  

First step is to upload your logo (picture) into the application, by clicking on the button in the top left corner.

If you want to add your logo to CRM, it needs to have transparent background and proportions of 6:1 (width to hight).


To change the background of the logo to transparent, click on ‘edit’ > ‘transparent background’. 

As shown in the picture below, click on the background and it will become transparent.  

Click the apply button to save changes.  

The last step is to save your image, by clicking on ‘file’> save image’.


After uploading your picture into the Lunapic, go to ‘edit’ > ‘resize canvas’.

We suggest minimum width of 480 (and height of 80). Also, considering the shape of your logo, and new proportions, you can adjust its positioning.

Click on ‘change canvas size’, go to ‘file>save images’, and download your image.

It is now ready for use.

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