Visual performance displays are one of the key tools in improving team effectiveness. Salestrekker Dashboard can be built and displayed in office environment without any major third party subscriptions/solutions.

The first step is to create a dashboard on Salestrekker account that can be used to display on the large monitor/s in the office. Follow this article with how to build a dashboard.

We recommend Opera browser for this as it displays dashboard rather nicely in full screen (no tabs, only the application window). Download Opera here.

As Salestrekker logs out inactive users after 1 hr, download and activate 'Super Auto Refresh' auto-reloader extension for Opera. Set auto-reload time to 30 minutes (see image below).

Link the large screen to the computer with Opera browser (link using HDMI cable, Chromecast, AppleTV, etc).

Then login to Salestrekker, click on 'Dashboard' and enter full screen ('View'; 'Enter Full Screen').

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