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Our latest API (v2, released 11 Feb 2019) is based on GraphQL technology. Read more about GraphQL here: https://graphql.org/.

To view our current version API and to test code click on our beta developer site API playground: https://dev.salestrekker.com/graphql. Once in the Playground, click on 'SCHEMA' button on the side and expand further to see detail:


Note that to be able to test we need to add you to our beta dev site as a user. Please contact us via email so we can register your (and your developer) details and enable test environment.


You can connect to the production application using API key or user login details. Depending on which is used, level of access (permissions) will differ. API key will give full admin access, while user login will set integration to user's permission level.

API key can be found in Settings (1) >> Integrations/API (2). Simply click on 'Reveal on API Key' button (3) and then 'Copy to Clipboard' (4) to implement within your application.


Choose auth method:

User login auth:

API call:


In addition to pushing data in/out of Salestrekker, another aspect of Salestrekker API are Webhooks. Users can send a 'Webhook' notification to their application for Salestrekker actions listed in Settings/API. This mean that action in Salestrekker can be replicated in an external notification.

Simply enable webhook for the action desired and paste URL where that action needs to take place. IMPORTANT: ensure that webhooks are enabled in the external application.

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