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ALI Group diversification option
ALI Group diversification option

How to activate and use ALI group integration

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If your business or aggregator has an agreement with ALI group, you can activate and set up your access as follows:

  1. Go to Settings and add your ALI credentials. Contact your aggregator or ALI group to obtain these:

ALI Group is now enabled for you.
To use ALI Group in your cross sell, in the needs and objectives you need to choose 'no' for both of the below options ('maintaining the lifestyle' and 'adequate insurance for loan repayments available')

After that head down to the 'Diversification Opportunities' tab and click on the ALI icon, check the details and click 'Start Application'

NOTE: In order to send the lead to ALI Group, you will need to have all the relevant fields entered in Broker Tools (e.g. Client DOB).

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