Some users might want to use an alias to communicate to their clients and partners from a different email account than one they log in with.

This often occurs when brokers have multiple brands. 

For example, a broker/user might have own brand and can have a deal with a referral partner to operate under referrer branding.

For this to work, user would have one organisation under own branding and another one under a different brand. User would login under single email and would be able to switch between organisations.

In this example, alias would be only set under the secondary organisation.

Setting an alias

Go to Settings >> My Account and scroll down to Email details. Check 'Use Email alias in this organisation.

Set up email address and email signature you would want to use:

Using Aliases

Email alias will be used when communicating with client via Salestrekker email, email automation and Client Portal and with referrer/partner via partner portal.

Note that once alias is set, all users emails for that organisation will go only under alias settings. The original organisation will still use primary email (one users log in).

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