Pepper Resolve is an automated conversion tool provided by Pepper Money, designed to provide brokers with an alternative loan solution to offer their customers, where their needs cannot be met by their first choice lender. Salestrekker has been integrated with Pepper Resolve, to provide best fit alternative loan options for your applications which are unlikely to proceed with the first choice lender. Resolve requests an Access Seeker Report from Equifax on your behalf, performs a serviceability check and runs the application against Pepper’s full credit policy. Within seconds, you will receive a decision in the form of an email with an Indicative Offer and copy of the Access Seeker Report attached. The Indicative Offer is a tailored loan solution for you to present to your customer, should you choose to do so. It is intended as an option for you to utilise.

Note that participating broker groups and broker need to modify their Privacy Disclosure document to include Pepper Resolve process. Please discuss with relevant compliance officer.


Activate Pepper Resolve (participating broker groups only) in Settings > 3rd party applications (enterprise admins can do the same via Groups and Branches). Add your pepper broker accreditation number.

Using Pepper Resolve

When a deal gets a declined or withdrawn back channel message from ApplyOnline, system will send an automated referral to Pepper Money. A note will be created alerting broker that this took place (or any errors in the process). Broker will be shortly notified by Pepper of the decision with another note created in that deal.

Example note:

If a deal is stuck in conditional approval, broker can manually refer this deal to Pepper using a button in Deal View. Click on Edit Deal button and select 'Manually Submit to Pepper Resolve' option from the drop down:

Please note that Pepper Resolve does not mean that deal is submitted to Pepper.  If users decide to accept Pepper's Indicative Approval, a declined deal should be duplicated and a new deal submitted to Pepper via Apply Online.

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