1. Firstly, you should contact your aggregator to obtain the necessary document templates. 

2. Open template in Microsoft Word and follow the steps:
a)  Insert top logo by clicking on Insert button >> Picture >> choose the image with your logo from your computer, and place it on marked place for logo.

b) Change color of heading- First click on the wanted heading, then press right click on heading in toolbar (like on the picture), choose modify and select proper color for your titles; press OK. Changes will be automatically applied.

 c) If needed, you can also change footer logo, and same like main logo, click on place for footer logo>> insert>> picture, and choose photo with your logo. 

3. Save as “.docx” and name accordingly.
When you are finished with adjusting logo and color, click on File>>Save as>> and choose docx.

*Repeat the procedure for all the documents you need.

4. Upload documents back to your organization and add matching labels.

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