Our systems can now verify phone numbers and emails in addition to the new address verification platform.

Phone number verification

Every phone number in Salestrekker is now verified using national telecom database. We can identify numbers than are in incorrect format, don't exist or are inactive.

Inactive numbers and those not formatted* correctly will get an error message:

  • "Phone number is erroneous"  doesn't mean that phone number is invalid, it is simply notification from the phone verify platform that this phone number can not be recognized.
    If you are sure that the phone number is correct,  you can skip the notification and continue working on your application.
    This can be present with foreign phone numbers.

When number is in use and in a good format*, no message will appear below:

(*) Formatting of phone numbers:

  • Country code (Prefix) is always required (will be automatically created);

  • Mobile numbers can have '0' or not (e.g. 0419250301 or 419250301)

  • Local number require area code (eg. 0296619955)

  • Numbers can have spacing (but don't need to) (eg. 0419 250 301)

  • Country of residency will impact phone verification in client profile (see example** at the bottom of this article)

Email address verification

Email addresses are verified for two key areas:

  • Email address doesn't exist on mail server (i.e. most likely typo on the first part of email address.

  • Domain doesn't exist (i.e. most likely a typo on the second part of email address):

Correct email address will have no message below:

Street address verification

Users with RPData and Pricefinder integrations will continue to use these systems to verify addresses on assets and security details.

Everyone else (and all other addresses) will use new verification platform that recognises addresses more precisely and resolves any issues with units.

Address verification will only work for Australian and New Zealand addresses.  All other addresses (and those not located by our verification platform) can be entered manually:

(**) Country of residency impact :

Phone verification in client profile will look at the country of residency setting ; to ensure phone is verified for the correct country. In the example below, country is set to 'Afganistan' while the phone clearly has correct Australian format.
Example of these verifications in this video below:

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