Salestrekker offers a one-way Google Drive integration. Files saved in Salestrekker can be automatically (or manually) added to a specific Google Drive folder.

Drive is 'cloud' based data storage solution used widely for business and personal purposes.

Integration Steps

Go to Settings > 3rd party integrations and find Google Drive activation button

Once you switch the button on, new activation window will open.  Simply select your Google Drive account and then click on 'Allow' button on the next screen:

Adding Files Manually

In a deal go to 'Document' tab.  Select files (1, checkbox on the left) and Click on Google Drive button (2).  Select Upload to Google Drive option.

Google Drive dialog will enable to select a folder you want to upload into (4). Users can also create a new folder (3).  Once folder is created/selected, simply click on the upload button (5).  Files will be saved in Google Drive.

Adding Files Automatically (Sync Deal with Google Drive)

Once deal is created, all files can be synced with a specific folder in Google Drive. Note that files added to Salestrekker prior to this will not be saved automatically.

Simply click on Google Drive button (2) and Select Sync with Google Drive option in dropdown (6).

In a new dialog follow the same steps as for the manual addition (i.e. create a new folder or add to the existing folder in Google Drive). All new files will automatically sync with this folder.

To stop syncing files from a deal, simply select 'Stop Syncing with Google Drive' option under Google Drive button.

Disconnect Google Drive completely by switching 'Off' integration in Settings/3rd party applications.

Video Tutorial

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