Salestrekker offers a one-way Google Drive integration. Files saved in Salestrekker can be automatically (or manually) added to a specific Google Drive folder.

Drive is 'cloud' based data storage solution used widely for business and personal purposes.

Integration Steps

Go to Settings > 3rd party integrations > Google Drive will be listed under Personal integrations with 3rd party applications section.

  1. To activate the integration, turn the switch to "on" position (dark gray)

  2. You will be redirected to a page where you can choose which Google account you wish to integrate

  3. Last step is to allow Salestrekker the connection

After completing the last step, you are redirected back to your Salestrekker account. Google Drive icon will show in color and have the switch in "on" position if connection was successful.

Adding Files Manually

  1. In a deal go to Documents tab

  2. Select files (checkbox on the left)

  3. Click on Google Drive icon (top right corner)

  4. Select Upload to Google Drive option

  5. Dialog window will come up where you can select a folder you want to upload to

  6. Once a folder is selected, confirm the action with Upload to Folder button

  7. All selected documents will then copy over to your Google Drive account

Note: Maximum file size for upload is 256MB and it is recommended to select maximum 10 files per upload.

Dialog window can load first 1000 files and folders by date of creation. If you cannot see the folder you wish to upload to, best action is to open your Drive account > move the folder to one you see on the Salestrekker dialog window > go back to the deal > you will now be able to find your folder > select it and upload the files.

Users can also Delete an existing file or folder (a) or Create a new folder (b) from the dialog window.

Note: The Delete action does not fully remove your files or folders from Google Drive. Items deleted from Google Drive are kept in the Trash tab for 30 days. These items can be restored before then, or you can permanently delete them.

Adding Files Automatically (Sync Deal with Google Drive)

Once deal is created, all files can be synced with a specific folder in Google Drive.

  1. Click on Google Drive icon

  2. Select Sync with Google Drive option in dropdown

  3. Choose the folder where all files should be syncing to

  4. Confirm selection with Sync Folder button

All new files will now automatically sync with this folder.

Note: Files added to deal prior to this will not be synced automatically. To copy those files to your Google Drive, please use Upload option.

Shared folders will not be listed for sync. This is only for folders that someone else shared with you. Folders that you shared will be available for sync.

To stop syncing files from a deal, simply select Stop Syncing with Google Drive option under Google Drive icon.

If you wish to sync more folders with your deal, Open Google Drive option opens the integration dialog window from where you can choose a different folder to sync or create a new one.

All previously synced folders for that deal will have the green Synced label next to the folder name in the dialog window.

Disconnect Google Drive integration by switching 'off' integration in Settings > 3rd party applications tab. When off, integration icon and toggle will be light gray.

We offer integration with two more popular file storage and synchronisation services, Microsoft One Drive and Dropbox.

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