New feature available only for devices with Windows OS.  

Salestrekker enables users to automate process of populating lender's servicing calculator.  All required information, including introducer and client personal details as well as income, expanses and loan repayments are transferred from the deal into assessment tool within three easy steps using Servicingtrekker.

Step 1.    Install 

Application needs to be installed on computer’s hard disc and here is the link to page from where you can download installation package. Click on Install and follow quick standard installation process (e.g. location selection) 

Step 2.    Select and Download 

Note that process can be performed only for lenders who have their servicing calculators as excel file.

Servicing Package file can be downloaded from two sections in Salestrekker and also will have the same naming format as deal from where is downloaded. 

Servicing Package downloaded from 'Summary' tab relates to preferred lender and product selected.

Step 3.    Extract

Once you select location for where the file to be saved, double-click on it and application will in a few seconds create excel file on your desktop with option to automatically open excel file upon completion.

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