ID Document OCR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of ID documents to extract data

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Document OCR feature extracts data from ID documents to pre-populates sections of Client Profile.

1. Please read following disclosures before use

  • Optical Character Recognition is not an 'exact science'. 

  • It utilises technology to assist in data extraction, however it can often extract incorrect data. 

  • OCR assists you in verifying ID documents and reduces manual data entry.

  • Over time, we can improve quality of extracts by utilising machine learning technology. 

  • However, all extracts need to be checked before imported in the CRM. 

2. How to extract data using OCR functionality?

  • Upload client ID documents. This can be done in Deal view, via iOS app or by clients using Client Portal document upload.

  • Go to Client Profile/Personal details tab and scroll to the Identification section

  • Click on relevant 'OCR DOCUMENT' button and select a document that relates to the contact. Documents with 'passport', 'licence' and 'medicare' in its name will display at the top of the list.

  • Position image using following option and extract data:

  1. Zoom image

  2. Rotate image if required

  3. Use mouse pointer to move image in the window

  4. Resize the window to position image exactly in the window

  5. Click OCR button

  • Check the extracted data for accuracy (accuracy depends on image quality and its positioning in the window). Click 'SAVE' to move information to Client Profile.

  • Extracted information will populate passport details and if none currently present, client avatar (picture) will show in their profile as well.

3. See OCR functionality in this video demo

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