When a deal is marked as settled, or switch/refix product is posted to commissions/completed, tasks are automatically set for common product related activities such as:

  • Fixed rate expiry date.

  • Interest Only (IO) repayment expiry date.

  • Introductory rate expiry date (variable rate products only).

  • Asset loan term expiry date.

All tasks are set as follows:

  • Unless checked off tasks will be automatically added

  • Task is automatically assigned to the deal owner. They can be manually re-assigned to other team members.

  • Due date is automatically set to three (3) months prior to expiry date. This can be manually adjusted to a different date.

Note: These parameters are set for every user; there are no settings options to change above parameters. This feature will set tasks only for newly settled deals/switches/refixes - i.e. it is not retrospective.

Settlement Screen

Switch/Refix Screen

Video Demo

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