Refix Process

Below is how to complete a refix on the imported data.

  1. Locate the original settled file in the ‘Baseplate Import’ workflow and click to open the deal

You can use the search box to locate the deal, you will need to type the complete name to be able to find it

2. Once you are on the deal please click on "edit deal" (pencil icon) on the top right of your screen and then select option to duplicate the deal.

System will send you back to the imported workflow and the duplicated deal will appear on the top of the first column/stage as an open deal. It will have the same deal name as the original deal plus the word copy in the end.

3. Click on the duplicated deal and once you are on it you can rename the deal name by hovering over the title and clicking on it.

4. Select ‘Move to a Different Workflow’ from "edit deal".

The following pop up will display.

Select ‘4. Refix’ in the dropdown list and press save

5. Complete the broker tools. It is recommended to complete all data so that the information is available to use on new transactions.

At a minimum you will need to complete:

 - Security Address
 - Loan Amount on the Funding worksheet
 - Search, Review & Compare Screen to select the new refix product.

Thanks for reading!

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Salestrekker Support 

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