Once deal is created, a quote can be prepared. Go to deal view and click on 'Asset finance quick quote' button in the side bar:

Note that multiple quotes can be prepared and saved in a deal as PDFs.

Add asset details (1), loan structure (2), policy guidelines (3) and pricing (4)

Note that Glass's search on cars can be completed by clicking on the search button in asset details (A).

Once items 1-4 are completed, click on the 'Load Products' button:

Select product you'd like to quote client with:

Note by clicking on the product card, more product information will display on the screen.

NOTE: Policy and Pricing will exclude products that don't fit; apply these with care (or test options).

Client rate and fees will automatically add to the quote. These can be capitalised to the loan (check with lender if their policy allows that). Note that origination fee and commission can be changed at this stage as well.

Click on View PDF and/or Save PDF to a deal in the top right corner of the screen.

Go to deal view to email client a quote using pre-saved email template. Click on client email and select Email ... via Salestrekker:

Select a template, check saved quote document, check email content and click 'Send':

Watch this video for the demo of asset finance quote (consumer):

Watch this video for the demo of asset finance quote (commercial):

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