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Zapier integration
Zapier integration

How to use early access Zapier integration

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A. Terminology

  • Zapier is a marketplace solution for easy API connectivity of over 1,500 solutions. Zapier has free and paid account options.

  • Zap - individual trigger or action that can be seen as a successful link between Salestrekker and another solution (only one at the time).

  • Trigger - an event in Salestrekker that will result in some action in linked solution (e.g. New deal in Salestrekker adding new contact in ActiveCampaign).

  • Action - the resulting action in Salestrekker caused from a trigger in another solution (e.g. Formstack web form creating a new deal in Salestrekker).

  • Early Access - need to follow manual process in linking the apps

  • Full Access - we can build 'out of the box' Zaps for novice users

B. Getting Zapier Account

Go to and create your free account:

C. Find Salestrekker

Log in to Zapier and go to 'Apps'. Search for 'Salestrekker'. 

D. Create a Zap

1. Click on Create Zap

2. Select app to 'trigger' an action

3. Add your account in that app, compulsory and optional detail relevant to the app (see examples below for how to)

4. Select app where action will occur

4. Switch the Zap 'On'

E. Examples

Face book add lead creating a new deal in Salestrekker:

New deal in Salestrekker adding contact to Hubspot distribution list:

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