Step 1: Add organisation Merchant ID

Organisations with Pepper Asset Finance accreditation require Merchant ID (provided by Pepper).

Once you obtain Merchant ID you go to Settings >> 3rd party applications. Switch the button to 'on' and then enter Merchant ID in the field on the pop-up screen.

Step 2: Set up CAPSI Integration

Go to Settings > Accreditations and click on 'Add new gateway accreditation'. Select Pepper from the drop down and add Pepper CAPSI User name for each broker in the My Accreditation section:

Step 3: Add Pepper Accreditation ID

Go to Settings > Accreditations and click on 'Add new lender accreditation'. From the dropdown, select 'Pepper Asset Finance'.

Note: No need to add Pepper accreditation code under Broker ID, adding Pepper Asset Finance line is sufficient:

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