YBR/RESI Essentials uses direct lodgement gateway to the credit team. Users don't have to process application in a gateway, all work is done in Ynet/Vownet.

Step 1: Collect client data and complete Broker Tools 

Client Profile and Broker Tools are completed as per any other client. Note that the key differences are:

  • Client Profile needs to be completed fully;

  • If YBR/RESI Essentials is the product which is recommended, the lodgement process is simplified compared to other lenders.

Step 2: Complete Verification Fields in order to Lodge

Once the product is selected, compliance section is completed, and relevant compliance documents produced, 'VALIDATE' will be visible on the Lodgement tab:

Once Validation is selected, a list of outstanding items will appear. Client Profile and Broker Tools will show '!' where there is information missing:

In every tab with '!' mark next to it, missing fields are marked in red:

Once these fields are filled in, red marks will disappear:

Repeat the lodgement step (as the missing compliance items are not highlighted with '!' mark in the sidebar):

Complete all the remaining required information.

Step 3: Produce Application Forms

Go to Summary tab and click on 'Create Documents' button and click on 'Create Document(s) option:

Select Essentials Application Support Form and Essential Checklist.  Select other documents if required. Click 'Create' button:

Repeat the create document process, this time create the Application Form:

Note that signed Essentials Application Support Form, completed Essentials Checklist and Application Form are required with every YBR/Resi Essentials application. Other documents are required as per the checklist. 

Step 4: Get Essentials Application Support Form e-signed 

(note that wet ink signature is fine as well)

Go to Deal View; Documents tab and find the Essential Application Support Form. Click on signature icon to start the e-Signature process:

When eSignature dialog, add own signature and current date on the first page of the Support Form. Frag and drop signature (1) and date panels (2) and change Assigned to (2 & 4) to 'Me'. Note that this can be only completed by the broker.

All other signature fields are added, simply click on Continue to send to the clients to sign.

Signed document will autosave in the CRM.

Step 5: Lodge to lender

Go to the lodgment tab and click on Validate button. Then click on Create application and reload for the Lender ID to appear:

Once application is submitted to the credit team it will be locked for further updates.

Update button will become disabled (greyed out).

Step 6: Send supporting documents to lender

Once loan is lodged to YBR/Resi Essentials, supporting documents can be sent to the lender from the CRM.

In Lodgement tab, click on 'Send Documents' button: 

In the dialog, select the template from the dropdown (1) (if exists) and select documents that need to be sent to the credit team (2). Note - required documents are listed in the Application Checklist. Click Send (3).

Lender email address is saved in the system, so the email will be sent to the right address. They will acknowledge email receipt.

A record of email being sent is saved in the Deal View in CRM:

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