Credit quote needs to be issued prior to credit assistance provision. Select a deal for which you need to generate a credit quote. Fees and charges section is moved out from Broker Tools into tab 'Credit quote' in Deal View.

Click on “ADD FEE AND CHARGE”. Simply add fees and charges that you are requiring borrower to pay in the prompted sections.

Once finished adding fields, press on “SAVE PDF TO DEAL”.

Once the above is done go to deal view, go to DOCUMENTS section. If you are using eSignature, click on squigly icon to request signature.

Note that the signature and date panels are already added to the template.

If you don't have signature panel added to your template, you can instead add them directly in the signature request editor. Click “Continue”.  

Client(s) will receive an email with eSignature request. Once client signs document, it will automatically save in the system. Signed document and notice will appear in Deal View.

Don’t forget to add a credit quote label to that document. Signed document has the audit trail on the last page.

Here is a video demo of this feature:

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