New video conference feature (Meetings), launched in June 2020, has the capability to run the meetings outside the deal view. Note that old video conferencing is still active in the deal view.

1. Start the meeting

To launch the video call, go to 'Connect' on the main navigation bar and click on 'Meetings' in the drop down:

New screen will open with the video call:

2. Invite the other party to the call

Click on the 'Copy' in the box in the bottom right corner. Note that Meetings works best in the Chrome browser. Users can accept (but not launch) calls using a mobile app called 'Jitsi'

Send invite link to the other party:

3. End Call

Click on the red button and close the tab:

4. Main Controls

  1. Share screen

  2. Chat

  3. Microphone

  4. End call

  5. Camera

  6. Toggle view

  7. Share link dialog

5. Video Demo

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