A. Navigation

Go to Connect on the main navigation bar and select Marketing in the drop down menu. Then in the sidebar, click on Templates and then click on 'Add New' button.

Add name for your template, a brief description and ensure 'Email' option is turned green. Add generic Subject line (this can be changed in the campaign or automation for each specific use of template). Turn 'Create from scratch' switch to 'On' position.

Note that users can also select one of the pre-built templates or import pre-existing template. Instructions below will assist in editing these templates as well.

Editor sections:

  1. Canvas - here where the template is created

  2. Components - blocks you can add to your template

  3. Controls - various commands useful when designing a template

  4. Style manager button - more on this below

  5. Specific block design controls (Dimensions, Typography and Decorations) - more on this below.

B. Adding Blocks to a Template

Click on Open Blocks button on the Controls and then drag section component from the Components an d drop to desired section of Canvas. Add new template sections, buttons, text, images, etc.

C. Editing Blocks

Dimension Controls

Click on the component to edit, for example Button in this template. Set up button dimensions (in Px here as 150 x 40). Then set up padding (text padding inside the button in this example):

Typography Controls

Click on the component on Canvas to edit, click on Style manager button and select Typography in the right side bar. Here, font type, position etc are set for the button.

Note that Button (or image) position within the space is set in the edits for the Space/Area component (and not Button component):

Decorations Controls

Use decorations to change component colour and shape. In this example, Button colour was change using colour tool and shape was changed by reducing radius. By clicking on text, Button was renamed to 'Start Now' and using Typography controls text was reduced, repositioned and colour changed to white.

Note that background colour, main text font etc are modifyed using the same three controls - Dimension, Typography and Decorations. Simply click on the area in the Canvas, click on Style manager button and edit away.

D. Editing Text

Drag a text section from the Components and click to edit. Enter own copy and edit font size and type. Insert dynamic values that are available in the picker.

E. Editing Images

Either drag and image Component from the Components sidebar and drop in desired area of Canvas, or double click on the existing image (like in this example) to bring the image upload controls. We recommend to drag 'Link' component first and then place 'Image' component inside.

Upload new image (use transparent PNG images for best look), then click once on uploaded image to replace the placeholder. When new image is added, simply close the image editor ('x').

Click on image to resize or use Style manager:

Position image by clicking on the area outside image and use Style manager controls.

Additionally, edit uploaded image using image edit controls:

Check your template look using preview button or device controls:

Send preview email and save template:

Text and Link components allow linking external web addresses:

Create Link in a text (highlight desired section of text and then click on link icon:

Then click on link section, Settings button and add full URL to HREF field:

Note that images can have external links when placed in 'Link' component.

F. HTML Code

View HTML code by pressing 'View code' control button:

G. Video Demo

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