How emails are sent from Salestrekker?

Better part of our e-mails, such as notifications, updates and reminders to our users and their clients, are sent from the Salestrekker e-mail account (

These e-mails will reach you and your client’s inbox without any issues. Only exception happens when the destination e-mail server might consider them as Spam.

We also transmit e-mails which are in brokers/organizations "name" and by design Salestrekker "impersonates" the broker's/orgs email for their convenience - which in turn can and in rare cases does get interpreted as spam/fake emails by destination e-mail servers.

We use SendGrid by Twilio as our transactional email provider.

How to validate e-mails coming from Salestrekker?

In some cases, depending on how the user’s e-mail server is managed, the e-mails might be treated as Spam and will in turn be rejected by the recipients e-mail server.

To ensure all outgoing e-mails are delivered without any problems, users should check to see if their SPF DNS record is updated to validate all e-mails coming from SendGrid/Salestrekker.

SPF should "tell" the server that such e-mails are valid and not Spam.

SPF should be added to DNS as a TXT record:

"v=spf1 ~all"

Please contact your e-mail server administrator to check / update your SPF record.

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