Improved customer experience and significant reduction in client's level of stress/frustration can be achieved through providing accessible, accurate, clear, and timely source of information during system outages/disruptions.

One of the ways to reach out to our clients is through the use of system banners.

Creating a new banner

  • From the Chat screen in Intercom, select 'Banner' option on the left

  • Select 'New banner' option the top right corner

  • Select 'Proactive Support: Downtime' template

  • Select 'Use this template'

  • Input Banner Message details

  • Ensure Rules is set to Leads, Visitors and Users

  • Select 'Set live'

  • The banner is now published and visible to all users logged into Salestrekker

Removing a Banner

  • Select an active banner from the banner list

  • 'Set live' option will be replaced by 'Pause' option

  • Select 'Pause'

  • Banner is now paused and no longer visible to system users

  • Banner status should show 'Paused'

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