Client Portal is used to collect data and documents from clients and to enable a simple platform to communicate with clients during their application process.

Client is invited to the portal form the 'Deal View' screen.  Simply click on 'Share deal on Client Portal' button located in top right green buttons, above deal details.


  • You cannot share portal with yourself (needs to be a different phone number);
  • To share portal with the client Privacy disclosure document link needs to be added in Settings. See Client Portal settings article here.

Client will receive an email invite and a SMS with 6-digit passcode.  Client Portal works well in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Opera browsers.

Deal owner will receive an email notifying them of PIN number that can be shared with the client in case they don't receive the PIN code via SMS.

To un-invite client, simply click on the sidebar button again and confirm revocation in the dialog screen.

If there is more than one applicant, you should always send invitation to only one of them, and the applicants can enter the data together.

Also note that if a client is added as Company, only basic (personal) info can be filled in - there will be no option for completing full client portal. 

Watch our Client Portal demo on this video:

If you are experiencing issues with Client Portal invitation, please check this article.

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