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Set up Broker Tools
Set up Broker Tools

How to setup Broker Tools, add Accreditations and organisation credentials. How to setup/add commissioning groups and compliance documents.

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Broker tools can be used by organizations that have access to them. Loan writers can have access to broker tools and support staff can use them as long as the loan writer is the deal owner.


Firstly, go to Settings > My Accreditations and add your lenders, lender codes and payable commissions. Only lenders you're accredited to will show up in the product search tab in broker tools.

Organization inherited lender information from their aggregators so there's no need to manually set each lender in the accreditation tab.

  1. Go to Settings > My Accreditations

  2. + Add New Lender Accreditation

  3. Select Lender

  4. Add broker ID for that lender

  5. Add Commission Schedule for that lender


Once these are set, you need to add licenses and company information.  This information will be merged to your compliance documents.

In aggregator enterprises this section is filled in beforehand when first doing the onboarding process.

You can repeat the same process for Organization settings (if you have admin permissions).


To set up commission, go to Settings > Broker Tools.  This is only visible to the admins of organizations with Broker Tools enabled.

  1. Go to Settings > Commission Groups

  2. Click on '+ Add New'

  3. Add relevant information and splits (use real names vs generic in this screenshot).  Use 'A' to add new major split and 'B' to add sub-split.

Commissions are also inherited by organization, from the aggregator.

Compliance Documents

You can use merge fields, tables and charts (visible under '2', image below) to create high quality compliance and sales documents.  This feature is only visible to admin users with Broker Tools enabled for their organization.

  1. Go to Settings > Compliance Templates

  2. Click on '+Add New'

  3. Click on Labels icon to add label to a documents (Privacy, Credit Guide, Fact Find, Preliminary Assessment, Credit Proposal Disclosure, Credit Quote etc.). To see how to create custom labels for documents, click here.  Key compliance documents need to be printed in order to progress deal to lodgment.

Once documents are printed, user can see them under the Compliance tab in Deal View.

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