Edit contacts - personal and contact details

Open contact in one of two ways. Click on contact name while in a deal or navigate to contact page using Contacts in main menu. First way is easier. Just click on contacts name in a deal view and you will be able to edit their details.

When opening it from Contacts in the main menu, open the contact page, click on the clients' name to open the contact view, or hover over the client name, and in top right corner press “EDIT CONTACT” button. You will be able to change all information and fill in missing fields.

Editing contact page contains personal details fields that will carry on to each new deal with that contact. This section will also be populated when as you are filling in Broker tools.

In the first row, you can check and edit communication options - marketing and updates&reminders opt-in checkboxes. Also, you can assign contacts to predefined categories that you can use when filtering your contacts base. Below that you can fill and edit Personal details, Contact details, Identification details (Country of residence, Citizenship, Driver's license, Passport...), Family Relations (Marital Status, Spouse...), and Employment details (Employment Status, Type, Role...).

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