Salestrekker has extensive document template capability. Users can add docx (word) templates and merge any information stored in Salestrekker into professionally looking documents.

Note that compliance documents linked to Broker Tools, are saved in a Compliance Template section in Settings. This section is only visible to the users with Broker Tools account.

Creating Word Document Template

  1. To add a template go to Settings > Document templates.

  2. Click on Show Merge Fields button to copy the relevant field to add (paste) to your docx.

Merge fields are copied by clicking on the field in the list. Browse or use the search bar to find the required field.

When fields are added, merge template document can look like this:

Save new file as “.docx” file. NOTE: It is really important to export it as “.docx” because that file extension allows values to be inserted. When all changes are saved you can close your external text processing software.

3. Once document is ready, add document to the merge template list by clicking on 'Add New' button and selecting saved document from your computer.

Once uploaded you can add labels to templates as compliance or automation tags. Find out more.

Creating PDF Document Template

The way PDF merge templates are created will be different than Word templates. Main difference is that PDF templates do not use merge fields.

To create a mergeable PDF you should add fillable form fields in your document that will later on, when you upload the template to Settings > Document templates, be linked to specific fields in Salestrekker.

  1. Create your template in a PDF editor and add fillable form fields that you wish to be populated with document creation in deals.

  2. Once you finish open Settings > Document Templates tab and upload the document from your device.

  3. The moment the document is uploaded it will open a page for you to star linking the fields.

  4. When you finish linking all the fields click on the green "save and finish" button.

  5. If you wish to cancel and resume linking the fields another time you can do so by clicking the gray "back" button.

Your PDF template is now ready.

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