When sending emails from Salestrekker you can use your preferred and default mail client (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird or Gmail ) or you can send HTML email using Salestrekker email tool.  Simply click on contact's email in Deal VIew and select one of two options:

If you select 'Send via application' a new dialog will open in Deal View allowing you to compose the message and attach any files that are currently saved in that deal. Users can also chose to select who is the sender (Deal Owner or other team members) and to choose one of the email templates saved in Settings. Email templates will merge deal fields into the email sent.

If you want to send from your client you will be redirected to compose message in your Mail Client. 'Send to' will be adjusted to your contact email but you will have bcc address as well. 

It's important to have bcc address that will link message to your Salestrekker account. When you write your message in preferred Mail Client and click send, it will automatically update on your deal ticket with other information already there. You can always copy BCC code from Deal View and then place it manually to email client.

You can save client replies as notes like that by opening a deal, clicking on last option in deal sidebar "Copy to clipboard" and then forwarding client's message (or complete thread) to that specific deal address. All messages that are forwarded will be stored in Notes.

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