Create tasks, documents, checklists and send notifications to clients automatically as deal progresses to certain stage of workflow. Automation will be triggered each time a new deal gets to those stages.

How to set up automation processes?

To set up automation you should go to the Workflow settings (Settings > Workflows). From the list of Workflows, click the title of the one you wish to setup automation for. In each phase (stage) you will have automation button and there you can assign every option you want to automate when deal is assigned to that workflow stage.

What can be automated?

You can automate task creation, email and sms notifications to clients, append checklist of necessary documents that needed to be added to the deals at particular stage and automate documents merging and creation at those stages.

NOTE: When automating you should already have tasks, notifications and check list templates ready. If you haven’t, set them up first. For detailed instructions how to do that, click here: creating task templates, creating required document checklists, creating external notification templates, using documents merging.

When your templates are created they will all appear in a list when you go to Workflow settings and press on orange Automate wrench button. Then simply add them to the stages you want them to apply.

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