Assign notifications to certain actions in Workflow settings to have automated response. For example you just created notification "Thank you for your inquiry, we will contact you soon" and want to send that message as notification to every new lead. You would go to Workflow then click on Workflow card you want to assign the notification to open up detailed settings.

In detailed settings you will see list of automation for every stage. In top right corner of each stage you will have Automate button on which you can assign actions that will automatically occur every time a deal hits that stage.

To assign automatic greeting notification, choose first stage and in Automation button list chose "Thank you for your inquiry.." notification that you created. And from that point every new registered deal will receive that notification.

Please note that automated SMS have a limit of 160 characters. If SMS notification is created to have text over that limit, this will block the SMS from being delivered. This does not apply to sending SMS via Connect.

You can also send attachments in automated email messages. To do that you need to place an automation for email external notification and document template with same labels to the same stage (it is possible to add multiple merge documents and one external notifications - email response will contain multiple attachments in that case). For more information click here.

Clients will get it like this (message and attachment):

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