Salestrekker comes with a default set of compliance documents that have our own branding. These documents are:

  • Credit Guide and Privacy Disclosure

  • Fact Find Record (this is a printout of already completed Fact Find in Salestrekker)

  • Credit Proposal (this is one document containing both Credit Proposal Disclosure and Preliminary Assessment)

  • Credit Quote

In addition to these documents, we have added Funding Table, Product Comparison and Refinance Comparison documents as stand alone sales documents.

Download our documents to your computer

Go to Settings > Compliance Templates and click on the name of document you want to download. It will save to your computer.

Open document in Word and edit

Open document and edit the following:

  • Add your logo (replace Salestrekker logo). We recommend not to add logo in header, but in the paragraph space of the first page.

  • Change the colour of Primary and Main header text using 'Modify' paragraph option in word (see image below)

  • Modify table look and feel (optional). Click on table in a document and on the tool bar select 'Table Design'. We have defined table style 'Salestrekker'. Right click to modify all tables in the document. See image below.

  • Change any compliance text to suit your licensee

  • Do not change merge codes as they are set to print relevant information

Upload your version of documents

Once document is ready, upload your document and add labels. See instructions here.


Ensure that your (and your team members) individual and organisation professional licence settings are as follows:

Account Professional Licence Settings (Settings > My Account)

Organisation Professional Licence Setting (Settings > Details)

These fields will merge in the 'About Us' section of each document as follows:

Here is another article that might help you with creating Compliance documents.

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